What Are Teen Sex Forums and Groups?

Whether it’s discussing their favorite pussies or looking for a place to hook up, teens spend lots of time in online communities. In fact, six-in-ten teens say they often or sometimes take part in online groups or forums. But what are these spaces really like? Let’s take a closer look.

1. It’s a place to hang out

Online groups and forums provide teens with an easy-to-access pool of people who share similar interests, experiences or life stages. The internet offers a variety of age-specific websites where teens can seek health-related information, discuss political or social issues, play games and more.

While a number of teen online forums are highly moderated and safe, others are not. NSFW content, explicit language and bullying are common. It’s important to teach teens to evaluate the safety and security of the sites they visit and to never agree to meet someone in person who they have met online.

Reddit is a popular hangout for kinksters and freaks of all ages. The site has several adult-oriented sections — or subreddits — including 4k HD pornography, SFM (source filmmaker), paysite passwords, 3D sex games and more. It’s hard to determine if the site has an official demographic, as many of the users identify themselves anonymously and use pseudonyms. The first profile a user creates is public, but privacy can be guarded by creating a second, password-protected account. This community is hip, creative and sometimes raunchy.

2. It’s a place to share smut

My 11 yo dd is reading smut on Wattpad and I’m worried. Is she ready for it? It can be scary, gross or confusing to an impressionable kid. I would advise her to write under a non tracable pen name. Also, is she going to have her first time anything like what she’s reading?

Besides 4k porn, there are subreddits dedicated to vintage smut, furry xxx and nudes. Smutsters can share their favorite sex toys, fetishes and fantasies on these forums.

Moore will host a smut slam for adults at the festival. Participants will have to register at the door and be prepared to tell their first-person sex story in five minutes. Eight to 10 people will be chosen at random. The event is sure to be raucous.

3. It’s a place to make friends

Online forums and discussion groups offer teens a chance to interact with a broad range of people with common interests, experiences and beliefs. They can seek out health-related information, discuss political and social issues or just hang out with friends online. In fact, the survey found that about half of all teens either often or sometimes spend time in online communities.

Some of these communities are not appropriate for kids and include NSFW content, sex references, and bullying. Others are more tame. And, since the sites are not designed for kids, they don’t have the same safeguards and privacy standards as apps that are built with kids in mind.

For example, the app Whisper lets users share whatever’s on their minds – and the images that accompany these “confessions” are often sexual in nature. And, on the social-lating app Omegle, teens are paired with strangers for anonymous conversations that can be very explicit. Parents can help their teens by discussing how to spot risky websites and teaching them to be critical consumers of information and to trust their instincts.

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